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AI/ML cloud Integration, TensorFlow inference, labeling
Multi-source analysis, search and notifications, duplicate management…
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Scarlet platform integrates with AI cloud models and lets you import TensorFlow models for inference at fractional costs thanks to our dynamic compute management.
Simply choose the AI model best suited for each data source and your data will be automatically labeled.
Combine AI integration with instant search, notifications and policies to unlock the full value of your data.

Use cases


It is a very impressive product, Scarlet did analyze my S3 buckets and present very coherently. The UI is very polished and easy to get around.

Jason Bloomstein Founder at Thunder Technologies LLC

Scarlet Features

Meaningful insights

With its intelligent metadata collection and efficient indexing, Scarlet platform enables you to gain deep insights into your data. The advanced analytics uncovers information essential to managing your data optimally. The historical states and the detailed reporting allow you to track changes affecting your data. This gives you full visibility and helps you gain control of your data.

AI models and labeling

The platform integrates with cloud AI models for image recognition and natural language processing. It also allows you to import TensorFlow models and use them to label your data. The results of the AI analysis and labeling can be leveraged when searching or operating on your data, for example to organize your data by label or detect anomalies.

Instant search and notifications

You can perform instant search across your entire data or just a subset and get full reports of your search results. You can also add your custom notifications to detect if and when your data meet a certain criteria. This can be particularly useful when combined with AI analysis and automated labeling, for example to spot the presence of sensitive content in your data.

Flexible policies

You can customize your data management strategy to your specific needs by adding policies that enable you to apply tactical actions to targeted data. You can run policies on-demand or schedule them to start automatically, for example to organize your data by category based on the AI analysis or to remove your duplicate data.

Scalable and cost effective

The platform leverages cloud storage and cloud processing capabilities, and the full potential of its deployment environment. Its patent pending architecture combines powerful distributed processing with highly responsive resource management to offer maximum performance at a fraction of the costs incurred otherwise.

Unified analytics and operation

The platform offers seamless analytics and reporting across data sources from different cloud domains, and seamless policies across different regions. You can analyze and manage your Amazon S3 and GC Storage from a single console. The unified visibility and control enable smart and efficient management of your data.