Generative AI

Fine-tune your generative AI models with your own data effortlessly on cloud GPUs for improved performance while reducing your running costs by up to 70%. Scarlet Platform gives you access to the latest generation of Nvidia GPUs with no upfront investment and no need for specialized cloud infrastructure knowledge. You can get started in minutes by using our SAAS offering or deploying in your own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). You can also take advantage of our distributed inference and advanced data analytics features. We offer an end-to-end AI platform that helps you focus on your model development, training, fine-tuning, and inference.


Model training, LLM fine-tuning

Scarlet Platform offers generative AI model fine-tuning and Machine Learning models training on high-performance Nvidia GPUs.

AI inference and analytics

Run models trained or fine-tuned on the platform on your data sources. Easily manage and search your training data.

Model development

Scarlet Platform integrates JupyterLab to run Jupyter notebooks and Python scripts.

Flexible settings and scheduling

Easily select from a wide selection of high-performance instances. Jobs can run interactively or be scheduled.

Scalable and cost effective

Scarlet platform saves up to 70% of training costs and ensures GPUs only run when needed.

Visualization and insights

The Platform maintains training history, model snapshots and cost reports and integrates with TensorBoard.


DataMacaw provided our team with a great environment to train our AI models. Their platform is intuitive, easy to use and customize to our needs. On top of that you get access to good GPUs for a lot cheaper than on-demand instances on AWS. I totally recommend it!

Max Lutz & Amine Farez ML and Data Analytics, Tenkō

DataMacaw’s Scarlet platform has been a joy to work with, and has transformed how we train models at Patronus AI. The best part is probably being able to train models on cost-efficient AWS spot instances, while retaining saved model weights and results in a centralized GUI. It’s easy to manage training jobs, and is more cost-effective than AWS’s SageMaker machine learning platform.

We also love its native TensorBoard integration, handy job completion notifications, and helpful support. I would recommend DataMacaw to any team with a complex machine learning workflow.

Andrew Hochstadt CTO, Patronus AI

It is a very impressive product, Scarlet did analyze my S3 buckets and present very coherently. The UI is very polished and easy to get around.

Jason Bloomstein Founder, Thunder Technologies LLC

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