Powerful AI training and analytics
Accessible to all

With our dynamic CPU and GPU management and high performance distributed processing, we enable users to train and run their AI models in the cloud without the need for any prior knowledge of cloud infrastructure or complex setup while cutting down their running costs. We combine this with advanced data analytics and management to offer an end-to-end AI platform for unstructured cloud. Users can deploy and use Scarlet platform easily in their own virtual private cloud and benefit from its data privacy and advanced features.



AI training

Scarlet offers training of TensorFlow and PyTorch models with ease and flexibility. It supports scheduling, multiple run history, instance type choice, per run visualization and cost/saving estimates.

AI inference and analytics

Scarlet allows running AI models trained on the platform, importing TensorFlow and PyTorch models, or using pre-integrated cloud models. With its intelligent and efficient indexing, you get deep insights into your data.

Instant search and notifications

Perform instant search, generate full reports of the results and add custom notifications to detect specific conditions affecting your data.

Flexible policies

Customize your data management strategy to your specific needs by adding policies that enable you to apply tactical actions to targeted data.

Scalable and cost effective

Our patent pending architecture leverages cloud compute power and dynamic resource management to offer scalability and high performance at low running costs.

Unified analytics and operation

The platform offers seamless integration of AI training/inference and analytics, seamless operation across sources from different cloud domains.

DataMacaw is a member of
NVIDIA Inception Program